by Amos val

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Jason Sissoyev
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Jason Sissoyev This album is an incredible step forward for the band. The lyrical depth and emotionally charged soundscape this bands creates is something new and original. You need this in your catalog. Favorite track: Jessup.
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released July 1, 2016

All songs written by Amos val.
Recorded live December 2015 at Destination: Universe.
Engineered and mixed by Victor Nash.
Mastered by Gus Elg at Sky Onion.
Album art by Jason Finn.



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Amos val Portland

New album, Yūgen, out July 1st.

Post-shoegaze from Portland, OR.

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Track Name: Headlands
Am I letting go yet?
Letting the empty take its place
Dissolving hands designed for holding
Now welcoming the upheaval

I am
Sharpening the teeth that once were dull
All of this noise is just my mind
my cumbersom ego
And it does not have a name
He is not apart of me
But somewhere behind my mind
there was an oversight
But the machinery inside my mouth
is coming up for air
so better things can unfold

Fingers wide and stretched
I want to know how long
Nothing but mirrors to see
and smoke to breathe

Now they are made without light
and it’s all arranged to bend me backwards
And I’ve got a new use for courage
My eyes are waiting in their case to be opened up
Track Name: Breath Mantle
Swimming deeper for a space to breathe
I found a place untouched by me and them
Underneath walls of menacing thinking

Crush a man while he’s wandering through
And all he did was wonder what he is here for
The animal leader catastrophizing
Won’t let us go from solving, always solving

Unhook us from ourselves
Disenamored by spotlights on our minds
No wonder we feel this way, chasing a feeling
We’re barely here at all
I will no longer need my eyes
Just the bowl in which everything lies
Track Name: Slowburn
Golden malleable muscle all gone
Can’t pace the unmindful dependence on
Kneeling over bed and floor
And rushing through my own thinking
To make myself stop believing
To make this never come again

The harm never came

Welcoming a spontaneous well being
I was wrong in this, a violent change needed
To make me believe that all these stories
are all just stories I believed
And they sell themselves to me

The harm never came

And what can you offer me?
This is my colorful cage
And what can you offer me?
I can’t hear anything
This time it came from me
Thoughts replaced my hands and feet
Track Name: Determinism
An explosion of motion
The day lies open
Condemned by the inherent value of a breath
I was born and meaning was built in

And I’m sick of the prospect of a cage
but maybe it’s easier
And if every choice I’ve made is for nothing
then I cannot truly exist

Has what’s gone before determined what is?
Severing the heads of all who claim freedom

How condemned I feel to action and reaction
Burdened with contempt, choked by doubt,
commanded to love

Tied to the incessant bluster of gods with animal heads
Munching holes in each other’s pale golden horns
The sanctity of war

Some enchanted morning senility will be upon me
And when my body begins to cool, let it be
Track Name: Jessup
One lost step, wonder in our hands and heads
We found ways to create
Beyond where letters and words seek
a page molded from staring
At our feet with closed eyes, what am I survived by?
What survives by me this time?

Rest your hands and sleep on this
Nothing is absurd when you know you belong
This is what will stay when we are gone
What meaning can I infer that words cannot?

Turn our thoughts to white so we can play on
Somehow we collide for better not for worse
Each ripple creates its own tide in this new free universe
Where we are one mind