from by Amos val



An explosion of motion
The day lies open
Condemned by the inherent value of a breath
I was born and meaning was built in

And I’m sick of the prospect of a cage
but maybe it’s easier
And if every choice I’ve made is for nothing
then I cannot truly exist

Has what’s gone before determined what is?
Severing the heads of all who claim freedom

How condemned I feel to action and reaction
Burdened with contempt, choked by doubt,
commanded to love

Tied to the incessant bluster of gods with animal heads
Munching holes in each other’s pale golden horns
The sanctity of war

Some enchanted morning senility will be upon me
And when my body begins to cool, let it be


from Yūgen, released July 1, 2016



all rights reserved


Amos val Portland

New album, Yūgen, out July 1st.

Post-shoegaze from Portland, OR.

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